Additional excursions are offered

The following pay excursions are offered for the Conference participants. Though we intend to provide this information to accompanying persons, we will not reject any applicants who are interested in feeling the Japanese history or culture.  More detailed information on those excursions are given in this document.

  1. Iwakuni Kintaikyo-Bridge Tour (8:45 to 12:30, Tuesday 17 September)
  2. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Guided Tour (two opportunities: 14:00-15:00, Tuesday 17 September and 14:00-15:00, Thursday 19 September)
  3. Hiroshima Local Students Exchange Program (9:30-11:45, Wednesday 18 September)
  4. Sake Breweries in Saijo Tour (8:45-12:30, Thursday 19 September)

Please visit the registration site (https://amarys-jtb.jp/ssd19/) for applying to those excursions at your earliest convenience.

SSD19 Operational Team