Conference Topics

Basic physical processes

  • Fundamental mechanisms on radiation measurements
  • Theories/ modelling on TL, OSL, DPR, RL, RPL, TSEE, fetc.


  • Development of new material for radiation dosimetry
  • Characteristics on synthetic/ natural materials

Instrumentation/ detectors

  • Luminescent detectors/ scintillators/ FNTD
  • Semiconductor/ diamond detectors
  • Track detectors
  • Fricke and polymer gels/ radiochromic dyes
  • Superheated emulsions
  • Novel detection techniques

Monitoring and detection

  • Individual
  • Environmental
  • High-level radiation dosimetry
  • Space and aviation dosimetry
  • Radiation detection for counter-terrorism
  • Neutron and ion particle dosimetry
  • Micro-/ nano-dosimetry
  • Radon monitoring
  • Starndards

Dosimetry for medicine & biology

  • For radiation therapy (photons, protons, carbons, etc.)
  • For diagnostic radiology.

Dose reconstruction and dating

  • Luminescence dating
  • ESR dating
  • Retrospective dosimetry
  • Accident dosimetry